Connecting people & recources to live more of the life you love

Would you like more luxuries in your life, some help with your business, kids or home....without being limited by money? You can! 

Enjoy massages, business services, babysitting, gift shopping and so much more, simply by sharing what you are good at or love to do!

 Use the skills, talents, goods or services you already have, to get what you require or desire to create your dream life.

Join the share economy revolution with Australia's only cashfree community marketplace, where you can earn & spend easily, with points instead of money!


Turn your downtime into points!

Turn your hobby into an earner!

Turn a spotlight on your biz!

Turn your goods into gold!
See why it works


Spend your points as you earn them

Manage your own online account

Bonus points to shop today

No swapping required!

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Save your money – buy with points

Don’t feel guilty – spoil yourself!

It’s Smart business advertising!

Cancel anytime. No other fees

Only $4.95/month

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Shareshop is a fantastic idea for all those things that I don’t have time or money for… the little extras that make life fun, easier, interesting and a more pleasurable experience!

Points for pampering! Kristy - Mum, Nurse & Entrepreneur

With the current cost of living on the increase, being able to use the services offered through Shareshop is an innovative way to meet our needs and to save money!

Life is expensive! Julie - Self-employed

Shareshop is so easy to use! It’s a great way to help support other businesses and it’s an an easy way for me to promote my graphic design business!

Promote your business! Dani - Self Employed
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