Why be limited to just one currency?

Sometimes it can feel like there isn't enough money to go around or we feel guilty spending it on things we want!

We all have something to offer and should be able to be share this with others in an easy and flexible way that fits our lifestyle.

That is where Shareshop comes in! Our unique marketplace provides opportunities to earn & spend easily, with points instead of money!

Your skills, talents, goods, services or time, earn you points to buy the things you want. 

The opportunities are endless! It's time to embrace a new way of adding extra value to your life!

 By joining our Australia-wide cashfree marketplace, you become part of an online community of over 600 members 


Anyone can join! Business or individual! Only $4.95/month. Post unlimited ads of your products, services or used goods.

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You are in control! You decide what, when and how much you will sell. You set the price (1 point = $1) and receive points when others buy from you.
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No need to swap! This is your own private marketplace. Spend points as you earn them or save up for something bigger.

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