A Shareshop family photoshoot!

I thought it was about time to get some updated photos done! I am often asked to provide images of myself or with my children by the media or to accompany blog articles or other Shareshop related shares. I did have some really lovely photos done about 5 years ago that have been used in every media […]

10 Wonderful Ways Share Shop can improve your business (and your life!)

In our busy world, it’s often easy to overlook the simple things – those ideas that just make sense. Share Shop is one of those small, yet powerful concepts that, when people really ‘get it’ can greatly enhance their lives and their businesses. But don’t take our word for it! Here is our members’ top […]

Leanne’s Healing Hands

“I’d lost my job, had low self-esteem and become rather lost.” Share Shop member Leanne Marshall opens up about what led her to three healing modalities that have changed her life and the lives of countless others. “After almost a year, I started working in a health centre with purpose. The owners actually cared about […]

Give the Gift of Safety

Of course any parent would do whatever they could to keep their child safe… but often something so important is overlooked. Did you know that as many as 60-70% of child car seats are fitted incorrectly? That is such a large percentage and totally preventable. Lucky for us, Kelvin Edwards – Baby Car Seat Fitting, […]

Sharing is Caring

This is a copy of the article that was published in Profile Magazine, March 2015 edition (page 74-75 ). Click here to go to the online version. Words: Penny Shipway | Photos: Nicola Holland Creative “Kym Foster left her fast paced law career to live a life with family and adventure in mind. Finally settling on the […]

An Artist in our Midst!

Well actually there are quite a few artists offering their skills on Share Shop but Dwayne Allen (‘Paintoncanvas’) has links to Picasso! That’s right, THE Pablo Picasso! Dwayne spent many years honing his skills as a student of the late master of fine arts Robert Munz, who himself was trained in Spain under Picasso! If […]

Share, Shop and Swap your Wardrobe!

By Tracey O’Connell Well, so much for my new year’s resolution to lose weight! I still have a wardrobe full of clothes that are too tight. Not to mention all those killer heels that I can’t wear anymore because of my stupid bunion. I could really use some new clothes, but I really can’t afford to […]

Tis the Silly Season!

But it doesn’t have to be stressful! Oh My! I am sure I’m not the only one feeling a little overwhelmed by the silly season antics that have begun to descend upon us. Of course, Christmas can be a wonderful time full of family fun and traditions, or it can be stressful and challenging. It […]

What’s Your Type?

MEMBER PROFILE – KAY HENNESSY Kay Hennessy of Vivid Personality has a wealth of experience with people. Originally a corporate HR director, she spent countless hours managing people; working out who will work best with whom, which personality will be suited to a particular job, where and when to offer a compassionate ear, and how […]

Yenny’s Scandanavian Style

Yenny’s Scandinavian Style Comes to Share Shop When I think about Yenny, our Gold Member of the month, I don’t have to search my mind very hard to come up with words to describe this woman and her work. In fact, I could easily list a couple of pages worth of her amazing qualities. However, […]