Why We Love Shareshop

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Julie ZipSnip Mobile Hair Design by Julie

It's been a fun being a member! I've met some great people and enjoyed spending my points on cleaning, clothing alterations, cat-sitting, birthday presents, jewellery, beauty treatments, admin services and a wedding celebrant ! 

Tina Mystical Me Face Painting

The cashless exchange system means that you can enjoy things you might not be able to afford in the "everyday" world. I got to go to on a life-changing retreat in Bali! I never would have been able to do that without Shareshop.

Cathy Eco Friendly Cleaning

Such a broad range of items to buy and services to use from fresh produce, cleaning, personal training, crystals & psychic readings, beauty treatments, entertainment, to websites designed. It is a different way to shop, but it works! 

Why Shareshop Works

  • BUYERS READY: Shareshop is a ready-made marketplace of shoppers who have points to spend. YOU may be offering just what they are looking for!
  • GROW YOUR BUSINESS: Reach new clients that you may not have otherwise as often members look to spend in the Shareshop marketplace first and are more willing to try new things when spending points instead of money.
  • SMART SELLING: By using your business ‘down time’, your spare time, unused skills, accumulated products or things you no longer need, you can earn points when you wouldn't have been able to earn money!
  • YOU'RE IN CONTROL: You decide exactly what you will offer, when, where and how much. You arrange your own transactions, have your own membership account and can edit your listings at any time.
  • BONUS POINTS: Start spending before you even earn! Shareshop will reward you for completing easy bonus point activities. Start as soon as you join!
  • COMMUNITY NETWORK: A friendly and supportive way to meet new friends and network locally and Australia-wide. There is also the opportunity to connect with others at Shareshop events.
  • EASY EARNING: By offering something that you are doing anyway, have anyway, find easy or are good at, you will enjoy earning points!