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New Year…..New YOU!

Bali holiday retreat relaxing by the poolI love the idea of a health retreat and have always wanted to go on one, but something kept getting in the way….the cost!

They sound so great – a chance to renew and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit, away from the hustle and bustle of ‘everyday life’. A time allocated to concentrate on yourself, to escape and learn new things and actually get a chance to put them into practice.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when Renew Health Retreat joined Shareshop offering retreats on the Sunshine Coast and….in BALI! With retreats being made available to our members for half points (and see below for an extra special offer!), suddenly the prohibitive cost issue was no longer a barrier. Not only that, they are a great price to start with, being much more affordable and value-for-money than most other retreat programs I have seen.

It took me a while to think how I was going to convince my husband that it was an excellent idea for me to go overseas and leave him with the kids for 12 days but I shouldn’t have worried. He could see what a great deal it was, a worthwhile program and how much I wanted and deserved some time to focus on myself and my well-being.

Needless to say, I wasted no time in booking to join the September 2015 Renew Your Life Retreat in Ubud, Bali. What an experience! I got to spend 12 days in a tropical location doing daily yoga, workshops, cultural activities and pampering sessions – all whilst being waited on breakfast, lunch and dinner in beautiful surroundings and enjoying the company of some amazing and fun like-minded women.

I had a fantastic time and enjoyed so many new experiences, however I also learnt a great deal in general and about myself – which is really the point of retreats such as this. It is not just a holiday, it is a chance to address issues (whether it be stress, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues etc), learn new tools for coping and ways to reflect and grow as a person. Of course, it helps to learn in a holistic environment that also encompasses a focus on health, well-being, relaxation and enjoyment.

Renew Health Retreat programs “are packed with healthy nutritious food and beverages, yoga, exercise, massage, pampering, one on one and group personal development, shopping, holiday activities and all the benefits and value of a Resort.  We encourage our guests to celebrate even the smallest changes and our aim is that they leave us with a result that far exceeds their expectations.” (

Jaye Flemming Renew Health Retreat Jaye Fleming, the Founder and Head Facilitator of Renew Health Retreat has extensive qualifications and a wealth of experience in helping people to address and overcome addictions, illnesses and lifestyle challenges. She began on this path many years ago after successfully owning and operating her own large dance academy for 18 years and personally experiencing many of these challenges herself. As a result, Jaye became driven to learn as much as she could to help others by giving them the opportunities and education through information to empower them to make permanent and positive changes in their own life. She worked at other health retreats for 8 years before starting her own business and niche 12 day retreat programs in Bali and 3 day ones on the Sunshine Coast.

Jaye says Renew Health Retreat has been founded for Women who aren’t functioning and coping effectively with their lives. They know on a deeper level that something needs to change for them to lead a fulfilling and happy life. We believe that everyone can empower themselves given the right conditions, environment and information and we pride ourselves on bringing the best out of people. “If you plant a seed, it needs perfect conditions for growth”. This is how we work with our guests. We plant the seed, we encourage and nurture them whilst providing the tools and experiences needed to move forward and thrive in their lives.”


Bali health retreatThere is so much I could share with you from my own 12 day Renew Your Life journey that it has taken me so long to get around to writing this blog post. I just wasn’t sure how to put a life-changing event such as this onto one page! What I do want to say though is this….I love learning new things and am always keen to find ways to improve myself, challenge my beliefs, learn and grow.  I did learn many new things and can say that my stress levels have drastically reduced and my overall perspective has changed (in a good way!) thanks to the new learnings and tools I got from Jaye and the Renew experience. I often find it hard to encompass new strategies, techniques and information from one-day workshops or sessions because the other necessities of a busy life, work and family commitments make it difficult to implement – no matter how much I want to. That is the busy cycle of life these days for many people and that is why a retreat that takes you away from that so you can focus on yourself and your own learning is imperative for growth and change – well for me anyway! I can say that without having attended this retreat, I would not have achieved the same results.

Challenging yourself is not always a comfortable experience but it is worth it. It can be draining and emotionally exhausting and that is why it is also important to be able to balance that out with some fun, light-heartedness, reflection time, exercise, relaxation, pampering, good food, new experiences and friendship. This is what Jaye and Renew Health Retreat provide – an all-round experience. I got to; make new friends, enjoy afternoon walks and early morning yoga, relax and read, swim in gorgeous pools, be pampered with regular massages, go on an amazing 25km bike journey, enjoy a lively and informative cooking class, learn how to make flower baskets, dance, shop, snorkel, visit a lovely island and many, many other memorable moments.

Although I was 3 months pregnant on this retreat (which was not ideal being full of hormones, not being able to fully participate in the juice detox and having to watch everything I put in my mouth and missing out on some of the lovely Balinese delicacies!) I am grateful for all I did learn and experience and for having the opportunity to finally participate in a health retreat!!! I also got to spend this journey with some other lovely Shareshop members – Wendy, Dani and Marilyn (My Mum), which made it even more special! It is great to see that because of Shareshop and the points they earned from providing their own products and services to other members, these members were able to use their points to participate in something they otherwise may not have been able to.


A friend of mine spoke so highly of Shareshop and I respected her opinion and I liked the idea of being part of a bartering system, even though I really didn’t know much about it at all. At first I was worried about how to spend all the points, though as I looked through, I realised there were plenty of different businesses and individuals offering a broad range of services.

So far I have used my points on marketing and sales, website development, mould cleaning services and products, accounting services, massage, purchased beautiful jewellery and I would like to to get my home and roof pressure cleaned and more website work done.

I have been very happy with all the services overall and I know that Kym is very approachable if there are any problems. I look forward to seeing it grow and would love to see more trades people on there. I have met some lovely people, and with so many Shareshop clients coming to my last retreat in 2015, it helped get my through its early growth stages. Even though I only offer up to 2 per retreat, I also know I have the option to offer more if one of my retreats needs to be filled.

  • (Even though our Shareshop community trades in points, this is one of the exceptions where part points and part money can be charged due to the expensive nature of the offering)

Thank you Jaye and Renew Health Retreat for giving me the opportunity to ‘Renew My Life’ x









Kym Foster

Shareshop Founder & Director

5 thoughts on “New Year…..New YOU!

  1. Hi Kym, the trip sounds amazing and what a fantastic deal for Share Shop members. I will be considering doing the three day Sunshine Coast one.

  2. Sounds wonderful Kym, thanks for the great read. It really helps when someone you know recommends this kind of service. I will have to consider treating myself I think. Its such a wonderful opportunity to be able to reduce the cost with points.

  3. WOW!!! this retreat sounds Ah~Mazing!

    Ill be booking into the next one in march and I cant wait to do this for myself and renew my life!

    thanks for sharing your experience with us all Kym.

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