Terms and Conditions

 Terms and Conditions

To be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy


‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’ refers to Shareshop (as Share Shop Pty Ltd)  and all/any of its owners, employees and authorised agents

‘site’ or ‘website’ refers to the Shareshop website in whole or part: shareshop.com.au

Shareshop and Share Shop may be used interchangeably but both refer to Share Shop Pty Ltd.


1.1 To become a member of Shareshop: you must be aged 18 years or over, agree to comply with these terms and conditions and complete any required membership process, including the payment of any fees.

1.2 As a member of Shareshop you agree:

a) to provide accurate information and images and not any content which is dishonest, fraudulent, misleading, offensive or illegal;

b) to trade using the Shareshop currency of points (see section 2) and price your ads in points only (except for shipping, which can be in $AUD);

c) to use common courtesy and friendly communication towards other members and respond in a timely manner to enquiries and communication received from other members;

d) that you are responsible for making all appropriate enquiries before you agree to any transaction, and take all necessary and reasonable precautions to arrange and complete any transaction;

e) not to engage in a transaction unless you have the required amount of points in your account and to promptly transfer any agreed point value at the successful completion of a transaction;

f) that Shareshop can contact you with information relevant to your membership, including a series of welcome and update emails;

g) you will not use any part of the Shareshop website or affiliated activity for the purposes of junk mail, inappropriate advertising, soliciting, spam or similar.

h) that you cannot transfer or sell your membership, or any part of your membership (including points), to any other person or entity nor allow any other person to use your membership; and

i) to these Terms and Conditions and that non-compliance may result in your membership being suspended, revoked or cancelled at any time, without notice, reimbursement or compensation.

1.3 Membership Fee, Upgrade, Renewal and Cancellation:

Membership Fee: The current base membership fee to join Shareshop is $4.95/month, however there may be other optional levels available with additional inclusions. See the website ‘About’ page for current membership level fees and inclusions.

Membership Upgrade: If available, you can upgrade your membership to a higher level at any time during your membership term.

Regardless of the current term of membership, there will be no reimbursement, either in full or part, when upgrading. Instead, your member account (including points balance and listings) will remain, with additional inclusions added for a further 12 months from the date of upgrading.

Membership Renewal: For monthly subscription, the amount of $4.95 will be deducted from your credit card each month until you cancel. You will receive a receipt each month upon successful payment. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

For previous yearly membership options: Membership expiry is 12 months from the date of joining/ renewing or the end date of a free membership period (if less than 12 months). Renewal is optional and available at the rate and with the inclusions that you choose at the time of renewal.

You will receive several emails at their registered email address notifying you of the impending expiry and the opportunity to cancel, change membership level or renew. If no action is taken, the registered credit card details collected at date of joining will be charged the rate to continue membership for a further 12 months at the existing level and membership will continue for a further 12 months. If no credit card details are held and no further action is taken to renew, the account will be deactivated and any points remaining in the member account at the date of expiry will be forfeited.

Membership Cancellation: You can cancel your membership at any time yourself or by contacting us. Your ad listings will be removed from our site and your member account will be deactivated. Any remaining points balance will be forfeited and remain the property of Shareshop and, regardless of how they were accrued, points cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash/money or any other form of currency and you will not be remunerated or compensated in any way for any balance of points that are relinquished as a result of your cancellation.


Points are Shareshop currency. They are the units of trade used as payment in Share Shop transactions.

In accordance with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements, 1 point is equal to $1.00 AU (one Australian dollar) in comparative value.

These are the ways to obtain points:

1). Points may be included in some levels of membership

2). You receive points as payment when another member buys from you

3) You can earn free bonus points

4) You can purchase points from Shareshop (at $1/point)

Any points received in error (either technological malfunction or human error) are required to be returned, either voluntarily or upon request and may be removed by Shareshop.

Points have no monetary value outside of Shareshop, cannot be sold and are not redeemable for cash or any other form of currency.

If eligible, trade or barter activities are subject to taxation and you are responsible for making your own enquiries into whether your transactions are of a taxable nature and to comply with any taxation responsibilities and obligations that may arise out of your membership (please refer to the Australian Taxation Office website);

2.1 Bonus Points: Each bonus point activity has conditions which will be displayed on the bonus point page of this site, on the activity page and / or the in the communication of the activity and is to be read in conjunction with these terms and conditions.

Bonus points are made available at the discretion of Shareshop and may be varied, altered or removed at any time without notice.

Any member found abusing or misusing the bonus point offers will be contacted by us and may be subject to any of the following; a request to cease such misuse, a reversal of points, suspension or cancellation of membership.

With regard to ATO regulations, bonus points are treated the same as any other/’regular’ point(s) and, if eligible, have the same taxable value of one point being equal to $1.


From time to time, Shareshop may enter into agreements with other persons, businesses, organisations or entities (‘advertisers’) regarding advertising on this site. Any agreement entered into is at the discretion of Shareshop and is confidential between us and the advertisers. Shareshop does not recommend or purport to validate the business activities or otherwise of any advertising or offers made on this site.  In addition, Shareshop is not responsible for any links provided in advertising that may appear on this site (or that may be posted by another member), or the consequences that may result from utilising any link from this site.


You give permission for Shareshop to use any relevant content or images provided by you for promotion and publicity purposes. This may be in a variety of forms, including but not limited to; social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on) online, print or audio media, or similar.

This is for the purpose of promoting either you and / or the benefits and usage of Shareshop and to increase member numbers and as such, members will not be compensated for any such promotional activity.


The Shareshop website will contain links to other websites. These links may be made available on our website via an advertisement or provided as an informative link by us or another member. We have no control over the activities of any site that you are redirected to, particularly in relation to what information they will collect from you (including by default).  We also do not promote or validate the content or activities of any other site that you may be referred to from the Shareshop website.


See our Privacy Policy document.


As a member of Shareshop, you agree to utilise your own reasonable dispute resolution processes where appropriate whilst mitigating your own losses to the best of your ability at any and every opportunity. Shareshop is available to assist but recommends that all members attempt to resolve their own disputes before raising a complaint with us.

Shareshop has a dispute resolution procedure that will be utilised if required to assist in a member dispute.

Contact us for a copy of our dispute resolution procedure or to discuss any concerns.


Shareshop is not in possession of any form of insurance that could be considered or relied upon as any type of protection for any member. It is the responsibility of each member to make their own enquiries and informed decisions as to whether or not to proceed with any transaction in the absence of insurances, mandatory or otherwise.


Shareshop is a platform to enable trade between members and as such, Shareshop does not verify or recommend the quality or character of any member or their products or services and all communications and transactions are entered into at your own risk. Shareshop is not responsible for the behaviour, character or actions of any member and therefore not liable for the types of products or services offered by members, any part of transactions engaged in by members or the outcome of transactions between members.

Although Shareshop will attempt to monitor activity and content on our website, we do not pre-approve members or their profiles and as such, we are not to be held liable for the content provided by members in either their profile or any other part of our website.

You agree to indemnify Shareshop (in its relevant legal capacity) from any and all damage, harm, injury, loss and costs suffered by you, including, but not limited to; fines, penalties, damages, legal proceedings, court awards, legal costs and loss of profits, as a result of your membership of, or connection with, Shareshop in any way, however caused.  You also agree to indemnify Shareshop (in its relevant legal capacity) against any and all losses and costs suffered by us, including, but not limited to; damages, legal proceedings, court awards, legal costs and loss of profits, as a result of your use of, or connection with, Shareshop in any way, either directly and indirectly.


Although these Terms and Conditions form the basis of the contract between you and Shareshop, it is by no means exhaustive of the rights and obligations of each party and as such, all parties are subject to the laws of Australia. Any member that is directly or indirectly found to be involved in any activity on this site, or in connection with this site, that is illegal or in breach of any laws of Australia, will be subject to the relevant jurisdiction and will not be entitled to receive any assistance, financial or otherwise, from Shareshop.

All Intellectual Property Rights in connection with this website, including (but not limited to) the content, the services offered and all parts of this system, are owned by Shareshop.


Whilst we endeavour to provide a useful service to our members, we do not guarantee that you will receive a benefit from this site or that any expectations you have of this site will be fulfilled. We cannot guarantee that you will receive interest in your product/service or that you will be able to find the products/service(s) that you desire in your local area or elsewhere.

Due to the variables encountered with internet usage, we cannot guarantee that you will receive uninterrupted access and use of the service or site, nor can we guarantee that this site will be secure from any form of hacking or viruses, despite our best efforts to avoid such occurrences.  It is your responsibility to safeguard your member account from unauthorised access or use and to record and back-up any messages and/or transaction records generated by our site, as we cannot guarantee that any system, yours or ours, is failsafe.

Shareshop will advise you of any material changes to these Terms and Conditions, however we may amend, vary, waive, add or remove any condition, fee, feature, service or any part of the content of this site at any time without any notice to, or any compensation of, any member, person, business or entity.

We are available for you to contact us should you require any further information or assistance.